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East Science Valley

  Oriental Soul Dragon Science Park Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to East Science Valley) by the Guizhou Ssangyong Aviation Industry Investment Co., Ltd. and Oriental Times Network Media Co., Ltd. Shuimu Animation Co., Ltd. to build. Sci-fi, holographic, 3D printing and other high-tech, aiming to build the world's first science fiction, science and technology, Application and R & D industry base.

  East Science Valley's first core project will be the world's first science fiction theme park, in exactly like "UFO base" where people will be able to experience more from the "future" high-tech entertainment facilities. Oriental Science and Technology Valley theme park will focus on creating VR recreation hall, VR cinema, southwest China's first VR roller coaster, holographic alien base, children's science fiction world, robot paradise and other unique science fiction entertainment projects, the park will have to create Kyrgyzstan Nice world record 50 meters high robot, the brave can also be high from the arm of the bungee jumping, in providing visitors with a full range of high-tech entertainment experience, but also for young tourists to show the world's latest science fiction technology, entertaining Young people understand the charm of science and technology, which love science and technology! Eastern Science and Magic Valley completely subvert the traditional amusement park play experience, so that visitors feel the perfect combination of technology and Guizhou stunning experience.

  East Science Valley theme park will change the landscape tourism in Guizhou, a single tourist model to fill the winter tourism products blank, issued Guizhou mountain tourism, cultural tourism sound, help Guizhou tourism transformation and upgrading.

East Science Valley project covers an area of about 500 acres, will build the world's first science fiction theme park, is the world's first VR large theme park, the world's only constellation theme park. Oriental Science and Technology Valley will use VR, AR, MR technology to create twelve twelve constellations of science fiction theme venues, as well as a large theater and theme restaurants, and around the Spring Festival this year before and after the opening of some venues, people will be able to experience more From the "future" of high-tech entertainment facilities.