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Job Offers

Administrative Personnel:

Executive Manager Recruiter Training Officer Dormitory Manager IT Commissioner

Finance Department:

Chief Financial Officer Finance Manager Accounting Cashier

Performing Arts Department:

Director of the Performing Arts Stage Auditor Sound Engineer Light Division Video Technology Float Technology Stage Machine Actors Foreman Apparel Division Props Makeup Artist

Game R & D:

Back-end engineer program development director


Sales Director Sales Network Marketing Planning Manager OTA Electric Manager Guiyang Regional Sales Manager / Commissioner Province Regional Sales Specialist Southwest Regional Sales Manager / Commissioner Sales Data Analysis Manager / Commissioner Clerk

Planning Department:

Planning Director VI Construction Manager Brand Public Relations Manager Director Screenwriter Manager Lighting Photographer in charge of the latter part of the editor in charge of the planning manager activities planning executive activities executive officer activities executive director copywriter copywriter creative director photo editorial director channel promotion network commentator clerk

Engineering Maintenance Department:

Equipment Division:

Maintenance foreman mechanical engineer indoor maintenance electrician / fitter / welder / weak outdoor maintenance electrician / fitter / welder

Engineering Department:

Engineering Maintenance Manager Manager HVAC Engineer Mechanical Engineer Engineer Clerk Worker Foreman Electrical Maintenance Leader Maintenance Electrical / Closet High Pressure Operation Electrical Weak Technician Electric Technician Civil Engineering Engineer Landscape Greening Technician

Property Security Department:

Property security manager property service manager cleaning team captain security chief

Field Operations:

Visitor Service:

Ticket Manager / Leader Service Supervisor / Superman Broadcaster Registrar Consultant Ticket Customer Service Security Officer Reception Instructor Medical Department Doctor / Nurse

Amusement Services:

Equipment supervisor / foreman / operator service supervisor / foreman / attendant customer service area attendant


Commodity Planning Director Commodity Development Design Director Commodity Designer Commodity Development Specialist Area Store Foreman Commodity Division Commissioner / Salesman / Former / Distribution Staff

Catering Department:


Executive Chef Restaurant Manager / Supervisor / Foreman / Attendant Receptionist Nursing Staff Cleaner Staff / Staff


Western Chef Chinese Cuisine Chinese Cuisine Chinese Cuisine Chinese Cuisine Chicken Chicken Cafeteria Bakery Bakery Dishwasher Dessert


18-45 years old, male and female, 1 - 3 years relevant work experience, work carefully, patient, responsible, love theme park work.


Post salary performance bonus benefit subsidy year-end prize summer prize excellent employee award


1, for all the official staff according to the local government policy to pay five insurance a gold.

2, to provide statutory leave and paid annual leave.

3, to provide complete facilities of the staff quarters, to provide working meals.

4, enjoy the expense, birthday benefits, health check.

5, enjoy the Oriental Science and Technology Valley tickets.

6, enjoy the park merchandise discount.

7, a variety of corporate activities: viewing sessions, to expand activities, staff birthday party, staff Spring Festival Evening.

8, to provide a sound staff vocational training: induction training, job skills training, management training.

Interested candidates please send your resume, contact and contact information by e-mail to us.


Recruitment hotline: 18084350936

Park Address: Guiyang City Nanming District Longdongbao Southwest Link East Railway Station opposite

Interview Location: Guiyang City Nanming District Airport Road Tai Sheng International A2 Building Room 1305

Welcome to the relevant professional graduates (college students can be) candidates, as personnel training and reserves.