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East Science Valley is a joint venture between Guizhou Ssangyong Airport Economic Zone Administrative Committee and Dongfang Times Network Media Co., Ltd. subsidiary subsidiary Mizuki Animation Co., Ltd.
The project covers an area of 2000 acres, with a total investment of more than 10 billion.
Integration of the world's leading science fiction company, showing VR, AR, holographic and other high-tech, for China to build the world's first science fiction application and R & D industry base.

The world's largest science fiction theme park

The spirit of the craftsmen to explore the spirit, to create a nutritious Science Valley


Virtual Reality


Enhance reality and enhance virtual


Augmented Reality

East Science Valley project covers an area of about 500 acres, will build the world's first science fiction theme park, is the world's first VR large theme park, the world's

only constellation theme park.East Science Valley will use VR, AR, MR technology to create twelve twelve constellations of science fiction theme venues, as well as a large theater and theme restaurants, and this year before and after the Spring Festival part of the venue for business, people will be able to experience more From the

"future" of high-tech entertainment facilities.

Director of architectural design - Yin Zhongsheng

Tsinghua Kangning Han Joint Center & Tsinghua Architecture
Design Institute World Habitat Award for National Excellent Design Gold Award winner

Lighting design head Wang Dongning

Venues and outdoor equipment

East Science ValleyVR, AR, holographic, 3D printing and other high-tech will be perfect to create a twelve constellation elements of the theme venues, entertainment, science

and education, catering trinity theme park!

China Architectural Lighting Commission has designed the Olympic Games, the National Grand Theater, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the National Palace Museum and other projects