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China theme park 70% of visitors expect the next three years to get a virtual reality experience

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2017.06.16 16:21
China theme park 70% of visitors expect the next three years to experience the virtual reality in the park. Omnico conducted a survey that 49% of visitors expect to enhance the reality of the game or robot help experience.
The first Omnico China Theme Park barometer survey visited 670 Chinese theme park visitors to learn about the entertainment they expected.
"These results show that proficient high-tech visitors now want technology to enhance their theme park pleasure and avoid all the trouble.Looking funers are more and more familiar with virtual reality, enhance the reality and the reality of the game," said Mel Taylor, CEO of Omnico Group. Artificial intelligence robots and look forward to getting more fun as soon as possible, and their expectations are high, with nearly one - third (32%) of visitors believing that they will be able to see holographic technical assistants in the next three years.
The number of visitors looking to the virtual reality experience is highest in Hangzhou (83%), Shenzhen and Nanjing are 76%, while Beijing is 71%. More than half (55%) of tourists in Guangzhou believe that they can get help from robots in the next three years. Among the respondents, Shenzhen visitors are most optimistic that Siri's support for personal digital assistants can become a reality (48%). In Chengdu, 47% of visitors expect to use voice activated mobile applications.
91% of respondents said they would like to pay for everything in the theme park with a wristband or smartphone application, 86% hope that through the park website or mobile applications to the hotel, dining, shopping goods, tickets, fast track, travel time, Non-cash wristbands and seat reservations are all arranged in advance.
Visitors also want shopping to be simpler. For example, 84% of visitors want to be able to book anywhere in the park and receive tickets or merchandise when they arrive at the hotel room, at the restaurant or at home.
"Our barometer survey shows that China 's theme parks are now going to take action if you want to meet your customers' expectations," Taylor added.
"The theme park does not require high investment to get a new solution, but requires intelligent integration of all the facilities in the park, including point-of-sale systems, customer relationship management and loyalty."
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