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Big event: the world's largest chain theme park a comprehensive ban on the use of self-timer

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2017.06.16 16:25

After a month before Disney banned the use of the self-timer pole, the world's largest chain theme park six-sided flag also began banning the use of self-timer in its theme parks and entertainment centers. Six Flags said in a statement released Monday that nothing is more important than the safety of customers, so the company banned the use of self-timer, tripod and other equipment in their entertainment. At the end of June, a staff member at Disneyland in California said that when the customer was in a state of riding, it would not only hurt himself or herself, but also hurt the people or the landscape. In the beginning, Disney only stipulated that customers are not allowed to use the self-timer on the riding equipment, but the effect is very good, so later Disney announced the prohibition of the use of self-timer in the park.

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