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Big event: the world's largest chain theme park a comprehensive ban on the use of self-timer
After a month before Disney banned the use of the self-timer pole, the world's largest chain theme park six-sided flag also began banning the use of self-timer in its theme parks and entertainment cen
China theme park 70% of visitors expect the next three years to get a virtual reality experience
China theme park 70% of visitors expect the next three years to experience the virtual reality in the park. Omnico conducted a survey that 49% of visitors expect to enhance the reality of the game or
VR theme park, the top technology people call to play enough
The game is the most let you do not enjoy what? Is a sense of lag, lagging behind, or lagging behind! Immersive VR theme park so that the game "lagging sense" disappeared, so that every consumer has f
With technological means to build a comprehensive industry to become the theme park development
Under the new situation, the theme parks are using technology to optimize the services. According to Ms. Li Lingfeng, Executive Director of Business Development and Education, Hong Kong Ocean Park, th
"Traditional culture + science and technology" mode to explore the theme park broken way
At present, China's theme park construction was carried out in full swing. How to make the Sun Wukong, Meng Jiangnv, Cowboy, weaver and other Chinese outstanding folklore, the hero of the mythology of
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