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"Traditional culture + science and technology" mode to explore the theme park broken way

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2017.06.16 16:16
At present, China's theme park construction was carried out in full swing. How to make the Sun Wukong, Meng Jiangnv, Cowboy, weaver and other Chinese outstanding folklore, the hero of the mythology of the theme park as the protagonist, and with new technology to tell the story of China, so that the audience, especially children understand and love Chinese traditional culture?
Recently, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Shenzhen Huaqiang Fangte Culture Technology Group Co., Ltd. commitment to the "second five" national science and technology support program "cultural theme display system technology integration and its application in the cultural theme park demonstration project" in Wuhu, Anhui through the acceptance The The project with the "traditional culture + technology" model, explore the theme park break the way.
Cultural connotation, technology research and development into the theme park short board
Exquisite cartoon image, dazzling video performances, combined with dynamic stimulation of the rides, so that the audience experience the hero's magical experience, feel adventurous passion ... ... accompanied by the rapid rise of cultural tourism, high-tech theme park has become popular Tourism consumption project. These theme parks are based on the specific cultural heritage, the advanced digital imaging technology into the field of cultural tourism, to create a new form, set the visual, auditory, touch, smell and other comprehensive experience in one of the cultural theme park for tourists to create a strange, Breathtaking fantastic journey, by the children and even many adults welcome. At present, many different types of domestic theme parks have appeared, according to statistics, domestic investment in more than 50 million yuan theme park has about 300, attracting a large number of tourists each year.
However, there are still many tourists regardless of travel Troutton, to foreign design and operation of the theme park to see Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, and they interact to take pictures, buy peripheral products, and traditional Chinese culture in countless vivid characters, but very Less in the theme park. "Culture is the core of the theme park theme park theme park not only to bring visitors the wonderful sensory stimulation of the senses, more importantly, for visitors to bring a deep cultural experience.China's theme park to play more as the main content, lack of cultural themes Appeal, which is China's theme park obvious short-term. "Shenzhen Huaqiang Fang Te Culture Technology Group Co., Ltd. official told reporters how the theme park in the clever use of Chinese elements, to show the Chinese cultural characteristics, is China's theme park Highlight the important path of tight encirclement.
In addition, the person in charge of the introduction, due to the design of high-tech theme entertainment projects, construction involving multi-disciplinary, multi-field technology integration, domestic R & D enterprises are few, technology research and development and innovation is weak, so the theme of entertainment is still mainly dependent on foreign Import, expensive, lack of core competitiveness, and entertainment projects repeat, a single phenomenon is widespread, can not continue to attract visitors.
In view of the bottleneck problem faced by China's theme park development, 2013, by the Shenzhen Huaqiang Fangte Culture Technology Group Co., Ltd. commitment to the "cultural theme display system technology integration and its application in the cultural theme park demonstration" by the national science and technology support project project. Through more than three years of efforts, the project completed the cultural theme of image integration technology, supporting the virtual interactive entertainment equipment and control system key technology research and development, formed a cultural theme display system integration solutions, and related technology into high-tech culture Theme park to carry out the results of industrialization and application demonstration, and achieved good results.
Dome movie, amusement device to repeat the story of China
"We are on the basis of traditional Chinese cultural elements, through the virtual image and sound and light means to enrich the visual and auditory experience of tourists, showing shocking effect; and then rely on the new amusement equipment props, enhance the project interaction, so that visitors There is a strong sense of participation and immersive. "The responsible person told reporters that the project team focused on high-tech means and cultural and creative integration, completed the dome and three-dimensional film production technology, a full range of projection projection technology , Large-scale multi-degree-of-freedom sports platform equipment, grab-style dynamic rail cars and other R & D production, design a large panoramic dynamic dome movie project "Havoc in Heaven", "Cowherd and Weaver" and large flying RIDE experience project "Flaming Mountain" New form of cultural theme park project, and in Zhengzhou, Wuhu demonstration base application floor.
The huge ball screen and the ring screen interface, the middle of the placement of a rotating, tilt, lift the audience seat platform. In Wuhu Fang Te Oriental painting in a unique and novel cinema, the reporter experienced a number of research results in one of the large panoramic dynamic dome movie "Cowherd and Weaver Girl". Ring screen on the screen of the Cowherd and Weaver in the human warm and happy pastoral life, the moment, the top of the ball in the dark clouds, thunder and lightning, the beautiful weaver was heavenly soldiers to bring the temple, the audience's seat is also slowly dumping, watched weaver disappeared Miyun among the good cow decided to take the Cowboy fly on the court, the audience's seat is also slowly rising, accompanied by the ball in the fast back of the Choi Ha, as if with the Cowboy debut heaven, lament the beauty of the temple ... ...
Project leader told reporters, "Cowherd and Weaver" in the use of the subject of research and development of the domestic first tee shot and three-dimensional film production technology and other core technology, real shot elements and virtual elements seamlessly engaged, making the ball film production time And the cost of capital greatly reduced, so that the dome image without distortion in front of the audience; and all-round projection projection technology is to ensure that the audience in all seats, even in the seat when the rotation can get a good viewing experience. In addition, this can be lifted, rotated, tilted seat platform that is the project development of China's first large-span, large-capacity large-scale multi-degree of freedom sports platform. "This equipment has a total weight of more than 400 tons of steel, lifting beam carrier span of 27 meters, can be 7 meters vertical reciprocating movements, 360 degrees around the vertical axis of rotation, platform seat back 25 degrees, and the three Action of the compound movement, the number of passengers more than 150. At present the domestic amusement equipment industry, and even lift the stage equipment industry is almost no such a giant mobile, rotating mechanical structure design. "He said that the device not only greatly enhance the viewing immersion Sense, and has a mechanical synchronous braking system, any abnormal movement can be a reliable brake to protect the audience viewing safety.
In addition, some of the acceptance of experts to experience the application of the development of China's first snatching dynamic rail car amusement project - large-scale flying RIDE experience project "Flaming Mountain", the use of full-angle, multi-dimensional space free movement, flight, Equipment, watch the Monkey King and the devil devil, iron fan princess flight fight plot. "Through the technical means, these familiar stories have been given a new narrative approach, the audience also gained a new experience." Some experts said.
The new form promotes the sustainable development of cultural industry
"To support the theme of science and technology and cultural innovation, to continue to enrich the theme park connotation, the development of new interactive experience, enhance the performance of recreational projects, communication, to bring visitors to the freshness and attraction, to improve visitors to visit And the re-visit rate, so that the theme park facilities can be updated frequently, visitors want to come again. "The person in charge told reporters, research statistics show that" Habitat "," Cowherd and Weaver "and" Flaming Mountain "landing demonstration park, 2016 view of the audience is expected to be more than a million people, Wuhu Fang Dong Oriental painting and Wuhu side special happy world is about 200 million people, for the local bring huge economic benefits. Most visitors love the project. "This is an unprecedented trip to Journey to the West," said the audience, who watched the "Temple of Heaven". "The whole viewing process looked up from a huge dome, as if immersed in the story: Instantly with the Sun Wukong was thrown into the alchemy furnace, the moment was pressed in the Buddha to the palm of your hand next time with father and mother and children to watch.
At the acceptance meeting, the relevant experts and the responsible person of the project to complete the situation and significance of recognition. Li Wei, deputy director of the Ministry of Culture and Culture, said that the project's greatest significance lies in the traditional culture of the legend, literary works and scientific and technological means of integration, is conducive to promoting the core of excellent traditional culture. "These projects use new technologies and new equipment to better showcase Chinese traditional culture and make the audience feel influenced by traditional culture," said Jiang Wei, head of the project acceptance expert group and professor of China Communication University. "When this new cultural form is formed , Will inevitably lead a large number of related industries, so that science and technology to really change the cultural industry form.
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