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With technological means to build a comprehensive industry to become the theme park development

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2017.06.16 16:18
Theme park + technology means
Under the new situation, the theme parks are using technology to optimize the services. According to Ms. Li Lingfeng, Executive Director of Business Development and Education, Hong Kong Ocean Park, the theme park of the new era will need to continue to enhance the software projects such as recreational facilities and catering services in the park. Machine in the past six months after the suction force has been sharp drop, so in addition to the development of mobile games need to invest hundreds of millions of hardware, the annual reserve of 10 million yuan to organize festivals, visitors continue to bring new elements, add freshness, to provide visitors More personalized interactive journey. In recent years, we have launched a free WIFI network and mobile application program, including booking the designated attractions by booking tickets, by the program to arrange the best play time and travel, save queuing time. Real-time navigation allows visitors to participate in designated animal exhibition hall with different voice navigation, text introduction, pictures and short films, so as to inspire visitors concerned about conservation issues. Park navigation allows visitors to understand the expected queuing time of each site, and use the automatic navigation system to find the most convenient and convenient route to travel different attractions, easy to plan the trip, make good use of time to visit the park's recreational facilities. The park has developed a personal flow of data integration platform PFlow, the platform can be real-time collection, analysis and release of the flow of data and customer information, through the flow of applications for visitors to provide more personalized information, tips and promotional benefits, to create interactive garden experience.
Theme park + integrated industry
Mature theme park has been radiated to the whole industry chain category. China Tourism Research Institute, deputy researcher Yang Yanfeng said that the current theme park into the third generation of the new era, there are large-scale, in-depth development and comprehensive development of the three major integrated resort trends. After landing from Disneyland Shanghai, China's theme park has entered a new stage of deepening development. The tourism properties of the theme parks have been gradually reduced, and the proportion of resort repeat consumption has increased. This has led to the development of multiple cities such as Guangshen and other cities in the north Theme park opportunities, such as Shanghai, both can have Happy Valley and Wanda, after the Disney came to discuss whether to introduce the long and long. In addition to large cities, the second-tier cities planned future layout of some real estate + tourism projects, it is typical of OCT and Wanda Brigade Complex project, these projects have better control of the investment and the corresponding real estate compensation to shorten the recycling cycle, through Comprehensive holiday industry model to achieve long-term operation.
Hai Chang Ocean Park revealed that it will increase the self-employed and leased operations to reduce sales of properties, around the core theme of supporting the development of theme catering, theme hotel, parent-child interaction facilities, wedding and other characteristics of consumer functions, build a complex holiday experience. Continue to innovate and upgrade the park to derive consumer products, traditional themed goods and food and beverage products; by adding a number of innovative derivative projects, optimize the line and project points, but also for the development of derivative business expansion space, driven by non-ticket business revenue rapid increase ; Continue to strengthen the multi-format complement each other, the successful introduction of hot springs and other complementary business formats, to better meet the diverse needs of tourists. Increase new products, new format R & D, highlighting the characteristics of differentiated operations.
Huaqiang Fang Te said that through the rich area of ​​the product line, extending the tourism-related sub-areas. Through the construction of theme park group, supporting theme hotels, theme performing arts, etc., to create "Fang special tourist resort", covering hotels, restaurants, business, performing arts and other diversified industry integration, the establishment of a complete consumer chain, Increase consumption.
Theme park + linkage design
The same theme park brand in the city between the linkage and expansion can enhance the overall activity, such as the OCT Group to achieve the Beijing and Tianjin Happy Valley of the joint development. Dr. Liu Simin, vice president of the China Future Research Association Travel Branch, said that the theme park is a repeat consumption, for the creative and investment threshold, management and operation of a higher level, need to be closer to the source, such as Beijing Tongzhou Universal Studios and Shanghai Disney, not only to rely on Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, but also to rely on Beijing and Tianjin and Shanghai two growth pole.
Hai Chang Ocean Park is also planning and construction of Shanghai Hai Chang Ocean Park and Sanya Haichang dream never sleep two projects, but also with the Zhengzhou International Cultural and Creative Industry Park officially reached the investment intention. The location of the new project of Haichang Ocean Park will be considered from the aspects of climate, geographical conditions, regional economic development, regional competition pattern and local government development plan: whether the local climate and geographical conditions are suitable; whether the urban economic development and traffic conditions are The radiation capacity of the surrounding area; the radiation base of the population base and consumption preferences are suitable for tourism project development and operation; whether there are similar types of tourism projects in the region under construction or operation, the company's new projects compared with its competing relationship How is it compatible with the local government's regional development and whether it is on a tourist line.
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