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VR theme park, the top technology people call to play enough

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2017.06.16 16:20
The game is the most let you do not enjoy what? Is a sense of lag, lagging behind, or lagging behind! Immersive VR theme park so that the game "lagging sense" disappeared, so that every consumer has fun, The Immersive VR theme park for different groups have different games, no matter where you are in the age class, can have fun to have fun. Exclusive top virtual technology, 2017 consumption of new hot spots. Want to succeed, we must seize business opportunities.
Modern life fast pace, life pressure we are less and less smile, more and more miss a child, imagine that time the same, happy to play the game. But the previous level of technology is limited, the game has a sense of lag, monotonous, play two games may be no interest. With the development of science and technology films, to see the heroes of the United States or the United States, we have not imagined to be such a person, to save the world, to seek non-achievable stimulus. Immersive VR theme park, to meet all you want or never thought from the senses to the body of the double stimulation.
With the maturity of VR technology, in the immersive VR theme park, we can "transplant" all-round into the virtual world, computer CG effects lens almost cover the whole film, dizzying spectacular scenes will make you hooked The In the open space, wearing a full set of VR equipment, moving around, crawling forward. As if you have left the real world, exposure to the fireworks battlefield, the crisis, brave recruiters, fighting in the battlefield ... ... you are superman, the US captain, is about to battle, turn the tide ... ... this experience you do not want to feel?
In the immersive VR theme park whether you are walking, running, squatting, jumping, screaming, shooting or avoiding zombies, even if you strokes, fist fight back will definitely not have any delay, immersive VR theme park Let you experience the ultimate pleasure of fighting. Have you seen the "Jazz"? You are in the immersive VR theme park, you are definitely cool than they are, give you children like pure fun.
The new three board VR successfully landed the first domestic? YES, immersive VR theme park strength is so cattle. As China's first mature virtual reality game park, the company can become the new third board VR first shares, by virtue of the high level of science and technology, cutting-edge technology, top technology to create the extraordinary gaming experience, immersive VR theme park To the consumer is not just a surprise.
Now we are increasingly demanding for the leisure life, the demand for the game is also getting higher and higher, immersive VR theme park once listed on the rapid ignite the enthusiasm of consumers, we wait for you to fight!
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